Welcome to SFI Advantage A Little About SFI

SFI is in it's 18th year of operations and is part of Carson Services which just celebrated 32 years in business in early 2016. SFI is an affiliate network marketing program which promotes the products of online retailer TripleClicks and it's thousands of merchants world wide. Our pay plan is simple and easy to understand instead of a confusing promise laden pitch you will never understand and likely never profit from. Here it is, sales pay you commissions and you earn a profit share decided by the actions and sales of your team up to 12 levels below you. That's it, simple and easy to understand despite 6 streams of income and one powerful training program.

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  • "SFI has a well-designed system. It does not require money in advance to get started. I joined SFI, and spent a few days reading through the wealth of information, which is well-thought out and explained in simple language. I really expect that my work with this system will improve my future. Thanks, SFI!!!" - Ikpedia John

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