10 Tips for successful Blogs

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10 Tips for successful Blogs

Post by theFreeGuru » Mon May 22, 2017 1:30 am

Creating successful blogs tips and training.

Blog success is about more than just having a blog and having traffic. It takes time to cultivate an audience and get them interested in the materials you post and the tips below will help you keep more visitors on your pages and coming back for more.

A given is having the proper tools to allow visitors to bookmark and return, subscribe and read. As you may have noticed we provide quick access to your blog readers to use their favorite bookmarking services and feed readers to get updates and return as often as they like. The thing is the tips below address common mistakes that will have fewer people choose to do this if not followed. Home business bloggers need to pay special attention as 99.5% of all home business blogs fail because they don’t follow these rules.

:arrow: It’s better to have a blog with some ads then a blog full of ads. - See a few ads and promotion pages for your opportunities related to the articles on your blog will perform very well, where advertising in your post will get you banned from Google and other search engines for Blog SPAM. A good way to present the blog would be with a single sponsors ad in each sidebar and maybe 1 ad block per post. Your main programs such as Home Business opportunities should have their own page and be separate of the actual post and then the post should be related to the industries that surround your primary business.

Example: thefreeguru.com

:arrow: Know your stuff. - If you want success never publish random Private Label and stolen articles without learning the materials. Never steal content because there is a ton of free to use content on the Internet that is not copyright protected. Reputation will bring success, if someone challenges your knowledge on a article and you don’t know your stuff that reputation takes a huge hit. If a legal issue arises from stolen content that is under copyright, then you may find your blog gone, your reputation ruined, and you owing huge fines and judgments. Be ready to answer questions and respond to comments. Handle flamers with respect and information and you will win respect and readers.

:arrow: Don’t SPAM – Promoting your blog is chess game. A blogger that finds similar blogs and leaves meaningful comments that add value to the other authors post will see traffic back to their own blog. Most blogs allow a single link to your own blog in a meaningful comment that adds content to the original post and most bloggers will exchange links or allow syndication of their post if your blog is truly related to their content. Never reply great post here’s my link. Never reply hey would you like to exchange links, and never post links to your post on non related blogs. This kills your reputation and will get you ZERO Visitors and a potential criminal record.. We show you proper marketing inside.

:arrow: Be respectful to other opinions. – Flamers are the biggest hurdle to blogging success or rather how you handle them on your blog. If a flamer comes along and slams your post or challenges your ideas prove them wrong with facts to support your claims. Be polite and never quarrel with them. Lose your temper or defend yourself with less then the truth and they win and your subscribers will lose respect for you and leave.

:arrow: Engage your audience. - Always invite feedback and participation. People like blogs they can interact with the authors on. When they comment and get a reply, have a question and get an answer, or can do a poll and give feedback sharing their opinions along the way the reader will reward you with repeat visits.

:arrow: Don’t let popular post die. – If you write 30 articles in a month and 29 of the have 3 replies and 1 has 20 replies, don’t let that success die. Outline a way to write at least 3 follow up post to continue the discussion and add more information to help your engaged and interested readers and they will come back and bring friends.

:arrow: Do what you say today. - If you make and offer or are offered to exchange links or content with a related blog, set it up and make it happen within 24 hours. If you don’t have the other bloggers links and content in place the same day chances are you will lose the exchange offer and their respect. They may even write a post about how you do not honor link exchanges and that can hurt you even worse.

:arrow: Only do good link exchanges. - Too many bloggers screw up on link exchanges and building 1 way links to their blogs. Every link partner needs to have related content to your websites topics and must link to you using anchor text that uses your keywords. Investigate link partners to keep from being a victim. Use FireFox and visit their links or blogroll page and click View and Page Source to see if the links have a tag that says on them. If that tag is there they are linking to you in text only and it will do nothing for your page rank in the search engines.

:arrow: Never be an idiot and use the No Follow tag on link exchanges. - See low life webmasters, and search engine cheaters use this tag to rob people of quality links. They get you to exchange a good link with great value to them through search engines and then add that tag to your link so the search engines can’t see them linking to you. They get a higher PR because the engine think the link to them is a one way link and you may as well not have a link on their blog at all. I will publish scum that add the no-follow and rob me of my link back because they waste my time and are total thieves.

:arrow: Investigate all opportunities. – Too many people fall for these illegal cash gifting, HYIP, and other cash for cash scams and then add them to their blogs and get de-listed from the engines as a scam site. Want to go to jail? Add scams to your site and you become a criminal instead of a victim. A victim joins a program and gets robbed, a accomplice joins, and shares the program and then gets robbed. To be legal a program must offer a product of fair value to the price paid, can not be cash for cash, and can not promote breaking the law. E-mail blasters are a prime example of a tough to tell scam. They offer a product but the product is the ability to SPAM millions on e-mail in boxes, or the ability to e-mail the same dummy e-mail in boxes of traffic exchange users on multiple sites. In either case these people getting your e-mail did not opt in to receive information directly from you so it is illegal to send them advertisements.

Playing a smart, respectful, and professional game supported by fact and interaction is fun and simple to do. Taking shortcuts ALWAYS causes blog failure. This is a real business and requires real effort and in time we can show you how to cut the time down to less then 2 hours a day to blogging profits.

Author's note, this post has been copied and updated from my original post on IMFaceplate http://www.imfaceplate.com/zeus8894/tip ... sful-blogs dated July 5th 2010.

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